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Digipostpro Digital Download


Driver Card and Vehicle Data transmitted from any location

Digipostpro allows you to collect Driver Card data and VU data anywhere and at any time. You transfer data via the mobile phone network (GPRS) directly to TMS using secure authentication methods.

We configure the device for you so all you have to do is fix the Digipostpro in a suitable place and plug it in to a 12 volt power supply.

The display keeps drivers informed of progress throughout the brief upload process and in turn informs them of any recent drivers hours infringements. The unit can even provide company messages to the driver when required.

Digidown Info

Digidown Plus Info

Typical uses for Digipostpro

Digipostpro is suitable for a number of scenarios; remote sites with limited IT infrastructure, busy driver areas or to replace PCs and card readers and for any company with multiple sites looking to centralise data collection.

Digipostpro can be totally stand-alone and placed in any position. Drivers can have constant access and can therefore upload their own data without fuss.

Digivu – download key

The Digipostpro comes with its own dedicated Download device, the digivu. The digivu is one of the fastest Download Keys on the market, is simple to use and is highly configurable.

A GPRS data SIM is required, which is not included in the cost of the unit. TMS can supply SIMs for all networks for £180 per annum inclusive of all data charges.