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Digital/Analogue Tachograph Analysis


TMS offer a web based solution for tachograph analysis of data both from digital and analogue tachographs.


Paper tachograph charts are sent to TMS in the normal way. When we have analysed the charts we upload the data to our servers as usual.

To comply with the legislation regarding the digital tachograph you need to capture and store data from the drivers’ smartcard and from the digital tachograph vehicle unit (VU). We supply you with the TMS software that needs to be installed on a PC or number of PC’s in each of your depots. We can also supply you with the hardware that is required to transfer data from the driver smartcard and the VU to the PC.

To capture data from the VU you need to use a VU download device. This device plugs into the VU and allows you to copy the data you require from the VU onto the download device. The VU download device can then be plugged into the USB port on the PC in the depot and using the TMS digital data upload wizard you can upload the VU data that you have collected via the internet to our servers.

To capture data from the driver smartcard it could not be easier. The driver simply puts his smartcard into a smartcard reader that is plugged into the USB port on the PC in the depot. The TMS digital data upload wizard automatically recognises that a smartcard has been inserted, reads all of the data from the card and automatically uploads the data to our servers. When this process is complete the driver will see a message on the screen asking him to remove his smartcard.

Key Benefits

  • Capture and secure storage of data from the driver, company and control smartcards.
  • Capture and secure storage of data from the digital tachograph vehicle unit.
  • Facility to retrieve data that previously has been uploaded to our site. The data is returned in its original format to present to the Police or the Enforcement Authorities.
  • We automatically combine data that has been collected from the analysis of paper tachograph charts with data collected from the driver smartcard. This allows all our existing reports to work from any combination of analogue or digital data.
  • Reports are sent by an automated email service to authorised personnel.
  • Clients can use the TMS web site to view their data in detailed or summarised form. They can printout a wide range of reports in text or graphical formats.

For smaller operators TMS can also supply stand-alone software, which loads onto your own PC. This software will help you to achieve compliance with the minimum requirements of the digital tachograph legislation. The software will read the driver smartcard and the vehicle unit download device and store this data in a designated file for recall if the authorities require to see it. Details of daily driving, active work, periods of availability, rest/breaks and WTD totals are shown daily and weekly. Driver records can be printed whilst the card is in the reader. Once a card has been read (and overwritten) the data is stored in binary format, that cannot be retrieved. No infringement details to EC or WTD legislation is given.