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  • Daily Vehicle Check & Defect APP

    Quick Overview

    Move forward with technology with the all new TMS Convey WalkAround APP that is now available for Android & IOS Mobile Phones & Tablets!

    CONTACT US NOW ON 0115 920 6762

  • Digi Tacho Analysis Kit

    Product Code: Ana1
    Quick Overview

    Perfect kit for a one-man band (one driver & one vehicle)

    Includes a Smart Card Reader & analysis for one year!

  • DigiDL

    Product Code: DIGI-DL
    Quick Overview

    Product Overview
    The digiDL remote download device enables driver card and vehicle unit (VU) data to be downloaded direct from your vehicles and into Smartanalysis, saving time and helping to ensure compliance with digital tachograph legislation.


  • Digidown SD Card

    Product Code: SDCARD
    Quick Overview

    2 GB Digidown SD Card

    Formatted and ready for use in the Lisle Digidown (std) and also the Lisle Digidown Plus.

  • Digifobpro 2

    Quick Overview

    The Next Generation of Driver Card & VU Download Device from Tachosys.

    A combined Digital Tachograph Device which will allow you to download from the Drivers Smart Card & the Vehicle Tacho Head.

    Compatible with the latest Gen2 Smart Tacho & the older generation, means you can use it on your whole fleet!

  • Digipostpro

    Product Code: DIGIPOSTPRO
    Quick Overview


    The Digipostpro from TMS allows Driver Card and VU data to be collected and transmitted from any location at any time via the mobile phone network (GPRS).


  • Digipostpro SIM

    Product Code: GPRS-DATA-SIM
    Quick Overview

    The GPRS data SIM is required for sending tachograph data over the GPRS network using the DIGIPOSTPRO.

    See below for full details.



  • Digital Tachograph Card Holder

    Product Code: DTCH
    Quick Overview

    Digital Tachograph Card Holder.

    Protects driver smartcard from damage and includes a lanyard with a break away security feature to comply with health and safety.

    £2.50 £1.50
  • Digital Tachograph Printer Rolls

    Product Code: DPR
    Quick Overview

    Digital Tachograph Printer Rolls

    x3 per box




  • Digital Tachograph VU Extension Cable

    Product Code: L1513
    Quick Overview

    VU Extension Cable.

    Handy for when your tachograph is in an awkward position.

  • Digivu Download Key

    Product Code: DIGIVU
    Quick Overview

    The digivu is one of the fastest handheld digital VU Download Keys on the market, is simple to use and is highly configurable.


  • DLK PRO Download Key S

    Product Code: DLKPRO
    Quick Overview

    DLK PRO Download Key

    It couldn’t be simpler – the DLK PRO Download Key S is the solution for the downloading of mass memory and driver card data – and for transferring it securely to a computer, where you can easily upload it to the T.M.S. Analysis system, Compatible with all Digital Tachographs.