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The TMS analysis solution backed up with our management team bring together a pro-active web-based tachograph analysis service unmatched by any of our competitors. This is a client focused service which keeps Transport Operators of all sizes informed of driver’s hours compliance and vehicle use in line with current EC and UK legislation.

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Our reputation for high quality support is one of the main factors that companies choose our services and decide to stay with us for many years. We have customers that have been with us for the whole journey from analogue analysis only into the digital era.

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Easy upload your driver and vehicle data to TMS for processing.

Instant automatic analysis of your data.

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” The new tachograph site is so much faster and easier to work with. Easy access to tachograph analysis, driving license checks, and defect reporting. It’s all in one place”
Justin Readings – European Fleet manager

“TMS web-based solution is both elegant and simple in nature – this enables transport managers to manage by exception via the dashboards, reducing demands on their workload and ensuring effective controls are maintained. I would recommend all operators consider TMS for their tachograph analysis partner as well as the other services they offer.”
Suttons Tankers
Tony Greenhalgh – Head of Compliance

As Transport manager of a very remote fleet, TMS allows me to keep up to date with what our drivers are doing out on the road on a daily basis. We have recently started to utilize the training and fleet management modules on TMS and I find them very user friendly and I am eagerly awaiting the next phase which to go paper free in our own garage with fitters using handheld technology instead of the traditional paper inspection sheets etc. Overall, I am really happy that we are using TMS, Operator’s license and fleet management of a fleet the size of ours requires a system that is set up to make sure that you stay compliant and for me TMS is a great tool to ensure that happens for Enviroclear Site Services

Alan Ryan – Transport Manager
Eviroclear Site Services

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How to use a tachograph?

  • Insert Driver Card:

Each driver is issued a personal Digi Tacho Smart card, known as a driver card.

The driver begins each duty by inserting their card into the digital tachograph unit.

  • Manual Entries:

Upon insertion drivers may need to make manual entries on the tachograph, this will be indicating either the start of the duty or making any events/duties since the card was last removed.

  • Mode Selection:

The digital tachograph has different modes, such as driving, rest, availability, and breaks. The driver selects the appropriate mode based on their current activity.

  • Record Driving Time:

The digital tachograph automatically records driving time once the vehicle is in motion. It tracks the time spent driving and calculates remaining driving time based on regulatory limits.

  • Recording Rest and Breaks:

When the driver takes breaks or rests, they should select the corresponding mode on the tachograph. This ensures accurate recording of rest periods and compliance.

  • End of Duty:

When the driver finishes their duty they must eject their Driver Card from the Tacho Head & keep it with them. It’s important that the card is not left in the vehicle just in case somebody else wishes to move or use the vehicle before the driver next uses it.

Can you drive without a tachograph ?

You can only drive without a tachograph card if you are driving a vehicle that is not in scope of EU/AETR rules.

If your tachograph card is lost, stolen, or malfunctioning you can drive without the card for a maximum of 15 calendar days (or longer is this is necessary for the vehicle to be returned to its premises) provided that you produce 2 printouts – one at the start of the day and another at the end so long as there is no change of vehicle.  Where there is a change of vehicle then a printout will need to be taken at the start and end of the use of vehicle 1 and then a printout at the start and end of vehicle 2 and so on.  All printouts must be marked with:

  • The driver’s name or driver card or licence number, so the driver can be identified.
  • Any manual entries needed to show periods of other work, availability and rest or break.
  • The driver’s signature.

The driver must report the problem to DVLA and apply for a new card within seven calendar days.

What is a tachograph ?

A tachograph is a device that records:

  • Driving time
  • Breaks and rest periods
  • Other work and periods of availability
  • The vehicle’s speed
  • The distance the vehicle has travelled

The resulting record is to be used to monitor compliance with rules and regulations relating to drivers’ hours.

What are tachograph infringements ?

Tachograph infringements are breaches to the Driver’s Hours legislation as defined by the country you are in and the type of vehicle you drive.

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