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Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance for Your Fleet

Tachograph device

  • Continuous capture of driver and vehicle activity
  • Interactive Dashboard – highlighting compliance issues at a glance
  • Full suite of reports incorporating all driver and vehicle compliance, can be generated by user     on-line at any time or set up as a subscription to arrive by email at any given date/time

Driver Performance

  • Securely accessed using the drivers unique Username & 4 digit PIN
  • Easy to understand and use makes debriefing a doddle.
  • Drivers & managers do not have to be together meaning infringements are dealt with, addressed & resolved more effectively.

Licence Checking

  • Enables you to actively manage driving licence eligibility ensuring driver risk is reduced and compliance is assured
  • Automatic scheduling of driving licence rechecks without the need for human intervention, saving you time and money
  • Our Licence Check service uses data supplied by the DVLA

The Driver Handbook

  • Helping fleet managers cut waste and save time with a technology solution that revolutionises driver communications.
  • No more large paper documents, give your staff all the documents they need in their mobile!
  • An electronic solution to effectively, efficiently and easily communicate with your staff.


  • Allows you to plan, schedule and record driver training
  • Automatically collects CPC expiry date from our integrated Licence Checking module
  • Create training course records for all aspects of driver training

Remote Downloading & Tracking

  • Completely automate your downloading process with Remote Downloading.
  • Data passes directly to your online TMS account for complete automation of the data collection process.
  • Select a schedule on how often you wish to download the vehicle and driver card data, this can be set to daily at no extra cost.


  • Fully customisable to your vehicles / Trailers & anything else you could do a check on!
  • Ensure the driver checks the vehicle in the order YOU want them to do it.
  • Interactive user-friendly Dashboard

Fleet Management

  • Plan, book and complete jobs for safety inspections, MOTs, tachograph calibration, services, repairs, tax, insurance and any user defined jobs. Receive automated email reports and alerts to ensure you never miss key dates.
  • Streamline document management by uploading them to our safe and secure online storage relating to the required asset thereby making them easy to find whenever required.
  • User Friendly Maintenance Chart – Let the automated scheduling system do all your planning for you.

Just some of the companies we work with


” The new tachograph site is so much faster and easier to work with. Easy access to tachograph analysis, driving license checks, and defect reporting. It’s all in one place”
Justin Readings – European Fleet manager

“TMS web-based solution is both elegant and simple in nature – this enables transport managers to manage by exception via the dashboards, reducing demands on their workload and ensuring effective controls are maintained. I would recommend all operators consider TMS for their tachograph analysis partner as well as the other services they offer.”
Suttons Tankers
Tony Greenhalgh – Head of Compliance

As Transport manager of a very remote fleet, TMS allows me to keep up to date with what our drivers are doing out on the road on a daily basis. We have recently started to utilize the training and fleet management modules on TMS and I find them very user friendly and I am eagerly awaiting the next phase which to go paper free in our own garage with fitters using handheld technology instead of the traditional paper inspection sheets etc. Overall, I am really happy that we are using TMS, Operator’s license and fleet management of a fleet the size of ours requires a system that is set up to make sure that you stay compliant and for me TMS is a great tool to ensure that happens for Enviroclear Site Services

Alan Ryan – Transport Manager
Eviroclear Site Services

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